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Keywords: interval training, circuit training, pyramid training, physical education, PE, sports, music, exercise music, break, iteration, workout, automated generation, compilation, bpm

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Interval Music Compositor is a small, multi-platform software which generates a random interval sequence out of an arbitrary number of music files. One can choose the duration of the music parts and the intermediate breaks as well as the number of iterations. The output is a single, large audio file to be processed further or burnt to cd.

The german-language professional journal mobile, a periodic publication by the Swiss Federal Office of Sports about physical education, published a short review on the Interval Music Compositor in its 1/2010 issue: mobile 1/2010 (p. 39); “Für Sie gelesen – Intervallmusik einfach zusammenstellen”.

The main purpose is the generation of music compilations for the use with circuit or interval training in physical education or sports in general. Certainly it can be used for any purpose where a compilation is desired but the exact position of the extracts does not matter. For example one can create a representative audio overview over a music CD in seconds.

Interval Music Compositor Schematic